Groups Plan to Forclose on King Coal’s Wall St. Backers

As part of Mountain Justice Spring Break Virginia, activists with Mountain Justice have called for a Day of Action to Occupy the Lobbies and Move your Money from Big Coal’s Bankster Backers.

Groups in Abingdon, VA; Harrisonburg, VA;  Johnson City, TN; and Asheville, NC will take action on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of March. Contact us here to meet up with groups in your area, or to commit your group to taking action in Solidarity with Mountain Justice.

Get in touch, join up with an action!

Johnson City, TN –  [email protected],  336-681-7825.

Asheville, NC – [email protected],

Abingdon, VA –  [email protected], 703 554 4770

Harrisonburg, Va – [email protected]703-597-7766



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