Handouts, Fliers and Tools

Mountain Justice Handouts 


 Bank of America and MTR Handout by Mountain Justice

Wall St. and Mountaintop Removal

Top Ten Banks funding Mountain Top Removal 




Wall St., Coal and Climate Change 



Over the past century, the Big Banks have accrued untold power only to use it to repeatedly drive the world’s economy to the brink of collapse. Now the biggest banks are threatening to take us to the edge of an ecological catastrophe if they don’t stop funding coal, the primary driver of climate change.

Read more: Wall St. & Climate Change | Rainforest Action Network


Corporate Tax Dodgers and Fossil Fools




Bank Of America, The Bank Of Coal 

Over the past 2 years, Bank of America has invested over $4.3 billion in coal. Bank of America is the biggest bank in the United States and the biggest underwriter of the coal industry—bankrolling coal mining, infrastructure investments and coal plants around the country. While Bank of America claims to support environmental responsibility, they continue to lead investments in coal, one of the biggest threats to public health and climate stability.

 Bank Of America | Rainforest Action Network

Argument against coal investment

Briefing on Bank of America’s support for King Coal 

UBS: World’s Largest Financier of Mountaintop Removal

Reverend Billy, of the Church of Stop Shopping, on UBS:

“Now we turn our attention to UBS as the single largest financer of Mountain Top Removal (PDF report) in the world, providing Big Coal with hundreds of millions of dollars to finance this deadly practice. UBS is also the world’s largest private bank, famous for hoarding the wealth of Republicans, Nazis, and any old tinhorn dictator.”

UBS Handout by Mountain Activists in Knoxville, Tn

Read More on UBS’s MTR and Environmental Policies



Move your Money and Support Local Economies

Occupy Harrisonburg, Va Move your money brochure 

Yes Magazine’s 31 Ways to Jump Start the Local Economy














One thought on “Handouts, Fliers and Tools

  1. I understand there is only one way to bring corporations and government to a stand still so that they may understand that what they are doing affects everyone. When you see someone doing something wrong and no one else is saying anything about it and you believe something to be your responsibility to care for the land and its people. You can do no wrong, your conviction to do something about it is immense and i commend you on the great work you are doing by taking this stand!…Power and Unity to all you young warriors for the Land and People. Barb Bressette “This is Indian Land“ fb page and supporter to your stand!

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