Take Action!

One of the most important ways to plug into and support the work of Mountain Justice is to take the struggle to the streets in your own home town, to build a groundswell of resistance to King Coal’s destruction of Appalachia.

King Coal has Fossil Fool friends and allies all over the country, and Mountain Justice seeks to build a national movement of our own allies confronting those who facilitate the destruction of Mountains, Communities, and the possibility of a sustainable future.

Mountain Justice stands in solidarity with any community caught in the Death Cycle of Coal, from extraction to transportation to burning to climate change.

Though our work is focused in Appalachia, we oppose dirty energy and environmental injustice everywhere and we support clean energy and just economic transition for all. Seeking to eradicate, rather than simply shift, the burden of environmental injustice, MJ works to build solidarity and mutually-supportive relationships with communities where extraction and energy generation take place beyond our region.

Here you will find ideas for actions you can take in your community.

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